Mole Removal Surgery

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Mole Removal Surgery On Face

Mole Removal Surgery , Most people commonly known as the mole, the right should be “melanocytic nevus.” Melanocytic nevus can be divided into congenital or acquired.

Majority cause of mole is acquired. Acquired melanocytic nevi in ​​the skin and can be in a position again divided into three divisions based on melanoma cells: Binding, compound and melanocytic nevus.

Mole does not necessarily need to be removed. But if the mole has the possibility of malignancy, too wide or too deep. The current method can be considered are:

Chemical liquid

Like ordinary common medicine at the pharmacy or hospital use Trichloro Acid. The former is often difficult because it’s hard to control the depth and will leave scar. The latter is relatively shallow, not easy to scars. But need to apply many time, the number of patients consuming much time and effort. So now this method has almost been eliminated.


Early did not use laser mole removal methods. But there are still a lot of beauty shop are still using this methods illegally. Electro Surgery is also difficult to control the depth and cause of scars easily. So this methods gradually be eliminated.


The relatively good results are used in combination Laser vaporization and pigmentation laser. Laser vaporization is to get rid of superficial nevus cells, then use pigmentation laser to destroy dermal melanocytes. In order to carry out and do not produce scars achieve the best results.

Because laser mole has the advantage of no scars, most people want to use a laser to remove moles. But there are two premises:

  • No malignant premise
  • Location and size distribution of the mole is not suitable for laser mole removal.

Before you do the laser mole removal, a good communication is necessary. On the one hand you want to exclude the possibility of two of the above, also to laser mole in order not to leave scars, depending on the depth of nevus cells, often need two to four times to get completely remove the mole.

If there is no opportunity to communicate well, patients often think that the mole relapse and lost opportunities to complete the treatment.

In what cases, it is recommended a mole removal surgery

There is the possibility of malignancy

mole-removal-surgery-1Many people who want to mole removal for some reasons.  Often because of the recent discovery that the mole has some worrying changes. If after checking by dermatologist,, really need to go through surgery. This time should be the right response is to accept a biopsy, and send excised mole to pathology lab.

Mole too wide or too deep

If the mole size is too large, or the equivalent projections on the surface of the skin. And in the nevus cells under a microscope relatively more or deeper position, many cells may be buried deep in the dermis. At this point if use laser will require considerable implementation times, and cost will be high. Time costs and benefits of the three and is not worth it, it is recommended to do mole removal surgery.

Normally face mole removal surgery, after the operation is completed five days to seven days to stitches.

Skin care after surgery is necessary People want to remove mole it because want to be more beautiful. So, careful selection of Mole Remove Method in order to make you more beautiful.

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